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King of the Castle

King of the Castle Event Photos

Saturday, April 29, 2017 | 29 Photos by | 170 Views

King of the Castle event held in Hamilton on 1st April by MATES Network

When ordering, make sure to put in the notes/comments section of the order DO NOT CROP IMAGES. this will ensure you get the full image even if you have to trim off some white edges. This means the photo will be printed to fit the dimention you choose, ie a 5 x 6 image printed at 5 x 7 means there will be some white edging you will need to cut off on the longest edge. Keep this in mid when getting a frame, you may need mate board to fit in your frame.

Recomended size to avoid the need to crop are 4 x 6 for photo album and 8 x 12 to later get framed.

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King of the Castle